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Cable Services

Comcast Cable 1-888-824-4010

3737 W. 10th Street

Greeley, CO


Electric Services

Xcel Energy and Poudre Valley REA provide electric services to the Town of Windsor. Each of these utilities serves specific service areas within Windsor. Therefore, property owners need to contact each of these utilities to verify which provider will serve their properties.

Xcel Energy 1-800-895-4999

Poudre Valley, REA 1-800-432-1012


Internet Providers

Comcast Cable 1-888-824-4010

Front Range Internet 970-212-0700


Natural Gas

Xcel Energy 1-800-895-4999


Telephone Service

Qwest Communications-

To order new service for local, long distance, wireless, DSL, or Direct TV or to change your service call:

1-800-244-1111 Residential

1-800-503-6000 Business

Repair Service for your Home Phone 1-800-573-1311

Repair Service for Your Business Phone 1-800-954-1211

Buried Cable Location (call before you dig) 1-800-922-1987


Trash Collection & Debris Removal

Gallegos Sanitation

1941 Heath Parkway

Fort Collins, CO 80521



Waste Management

500 E. Vine Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80524



Water and Sewer Services

With the exception of some areas of town, which have special water and sewer districts, most of the water and sewer services in Windsor are provided by the town. All water and sewer services are billed on a monthly billing cycle.

For information pertaining to water and sewer services contact the Windsor Water Billing Department

301 Walnut Street, Windsor 970-686-7476